Local Window Cleaning St Davids – Pembrokeshire And Solva, Hayscastle, Wolfscastle

I cover many areas across Pembrokeshire and have built a strong base of customers based on the quality of my work and the customer service that I offer.

I clean windows using both Traditional and Water Fed Pole methods to provide a quality service that leaves your windows and frames sparkling clean.

Traditional Window Cleaning

S and A Traditional Window Cleaning

This traditional window cleaning process involves applying a soap solution with the help of an applicator to wash your windows. Once washed, a squeegee with a rubber blade is used to remove the soap solution from the glass.

This method I will usually use to clean windows up to head height.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

S and A Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

This more modern method requires both special equipment and purified water to clean the dirt from the windows.

First, water has to purified to remove chemicals and impurities from water. Even in Pembrokeshire where we have good quality water available, passing water through this special purification process is essential to remove microscopic particles contained within the water.

Once the water has been purified, it can then be pumped to the top of a specially designed brush head. This brush needs to be gentle enough for use on plastics without causing any damage to them, yet tough enough to remove dirt and other ‘baked on’ deposits – such as bird droppings.

Once the windows, frames and sills have been cleaned with the purified water, the window must receive a final rinse to remove any remaining impurities on the window. This final rinsing step is critical, and one that some less thorough window cleaners will miss out. Once this final step is complete, the window and frames dry with no smears, residue or deposits remaining.

Does it work?

It sounds too good to be true! But once you have experienced it for yourself, you will see just how an effective method this can be – when used correctly.

I will use this Water Fed Pole method for any windows that are above head height.

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