Local Solar Panel Cleaning Pembrokeshire

I offer solar panel cleaning in various parts of the Haverfordwest, Solva, St David’s and the wider Pembrokeshire area. I aim to ensure that your investment in solar energy is kept as productive as possible.

My customers who have had their solar panels cleaned have recognised the benefits of both the increased solar panel performance, as well as the cosmetic improvement that is achieved by the removal of debris from their solar array.

How does Sam clean your Solar Panels?

In the video below, I demonstrate how I safely clean your solar panels – and the results I am able to achieve.

Increased Solar Performance?

Having carried out solar panel cleaning for both residential and commercial customers, the feedback that each has provided about the restored performance of the panels has been really interesting to hear.

To share the experience of one customer, who has the technology to see live, instant readings of an individual panel, each of the panels was producing approximately 10-15w more power per panel – immediately after cleaning. Multiplying this gain across the whole solar array, over all of the daylight hours, led to a noticeable gain in overall solar efficiency. Whilst this is of course just one experience from one customer, it’s not just my customers who have found solar panel cleaning beneficial.

Google Study

Google recently carried out some research to see if the cost of solar panel cleaning is worthwhile.

The study began by comparing the two different sets of solar panels on the Google campus. The flat ones in carports, and then the tilted ones set upon roofs. Understandably, dirt accumulates on top of the flat panels, while rain washes away most dirt atop the tilted ones, leaving some accumulation in the corners. After a full 15 months since the installation of the panels, the Google team cleaned them up as part of this study.

For the flat panels, the result was astounding – energy output doubled overnight. For the tilted panels though, the difference in output is “relatively” small. After this first experiment, the Google crew waited another eight months and cleaned the panels again. This time, the flat panels exhibiting in a 36 percent improvement in efficiency.

Yes, cleaning solar panels can be worthwhile. Whilst you may only notice a relatively small gain in efficiency, the cost of cleaning is one of the only costs incurred for solar panel maintenance.

One of my customers said: “I don’t spend any other money on the maintenance of this valuable investment. Highly recommended”.

Finding the right tradesperson – who is correctly insured for Solar Panel Cleaning in Pembrokeshire…

I am delighted to share that I am covered by public liability insurance for all aspects of the exterior cleaning that I carry out – including solar panel cleaning. Finding the correct cover that would ensure I am covered for solar panel cleaning meant that I needed to change my insurer and also caused the policy premium to substantially increase. However, it is an aspect of my insurance that I feel is crucially important when working on a solar asset that my customers have invested heavily in.

If you are considering having your solar panels cleaned, I would highly suggest asking the tradesperson for proof of public liability that specifically states the tradesperson is covered for solar panel cleaning.

Cost of cleaning and how often?

The cost will vary depending on access to the panels, the angle, location of the panels and what debris is on the panels and frames. An in person visit, or detailed photographs, really are required so that I can check these aspects to provide an accurate quotation for you.

The frequency that panels should be cleaned varies on the location of the array. If your array is located underneath a tree or close to a road, your location may require more regular cleaning. And the inclination of your panels can also have a bearing as to how effective natural elements, such as wind and rain will clear your panels of dust and debris.

However, as a rough guide to my customers, I advise that you visually check the readings of the panels from when they were installed and when there appears to be a drop off in solar efficiency, this would indicate it is time for a solar panel clean to be booked in. This usually varies between 12-24 months, depending on your specific location.

If you would like a free solar panel quote, please call, or email me to find out more.
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Being based in Hayscastle, Pembrokeshire, I am always happy to try and help with customers local to me with Solar Panel Cleaning Pembrokeshire. Please also feel free to visit my Facebook page here.